Elmina Castle // Cape Coast, Ghana

Elmina CastleCape Coast, Ghana

In everlasting memory of the anguish of our ancestors. May those who died rest in peace. May those who return find their roots. May humanity never again perpetrate such injustice against humanity. We the living vow to uphold this.

                                                                                            - Elmina Castle Memorial Plaque

Some of you might know, I recently went to Ghana to do some promotional work for an orphanage there. Before we get to the amazing kids and all the work that Katie is doing at Rafiki Village, we should take some time to reflect on Elmina.  We took a short day trip over to the Cape Coast for what I thought was some simple sightseeing...little did I know, I would leave utterly drained.  For over 400 years Elmina served as the trading post for humans into slavery...with a lot of those people ending up in the American South.  Just standing there where these atrocities occurred and occurred for so long...

People can be so horrible.

Elmina is here so it reminds all of us... never again