Auckland, New Zealand | Freelance Destination Photographer

Last week I was able to head out to New Zealand for a little video freelance gig.  Lauren and I came here maybe 5 years ago, and I absolutely fill in love with the place.  If it wasn't so damn expensive, I would move here in a heartbeat.  So when the opportunity to come back for a job came up, there was no way I would pass it up...even if it was only to go to the North Island!!  It's quite crazy how different the North and the South Islands are. So I spent my time touring a ton (and I mean a ton!) of beaches and a bunch of backroads.  Let's see if I can remember them all...

Muriwai | On the Wild West Coast.  It's were the Gannet's come to lay.  The surf wasn't that crazy the day I came, but considering a cyclone is inbound, I'm sure the surf will soon be killer.

Devonport / North Head | I don't often get the hibbie jibbies, but this place gave it to me.  It's an old military fort from WWII that actually never had a weapon fire in defense.  You can walk through all the old bunkers and tunnels where they stored the ammunition and such.  The creepy part is there is no lighting, so you walk through these dark tunnels, alone, and it just freaks you out!  The view of downtown Auckland was gorgeous though.

Pakiri and Uretiti | Gorgeous beaches along the East coast just North of Auckland.

Hoteo River | This is what I actually came to New Zealand for.  I got to paddle and fly the river and take aerial photography and aerial video of the stream for the local Auckland Council.

Enough of my blabbing.  Enjoy the pics! - Danny K

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