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Destination wedding photographer located in Oxford, Mississippi
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7 Seconds

They say in todays fast paced world we have to present our case in no more than 7 seconds or we lose the audience. (I've already wasted 3 of them with this line!)

Did you know you can get a group of talented photographers in the same space and they will photograph completely different things.  Because it's not about the gear, and the photo knowledge...The photographer decides what moments are worth making the camera go click! 

I honestly feel You’re hiring a photographer for their voice and how they see the world more so than their ability to take a photo.

So, why you should choose me...

1. I stress low stress
2. I love Bourbon
3. I cherish the responsibility of documenting a day in your life for generations to come

and last but not least...

4. Mommas LOVE me!


Now, for those looking for a little visual inspiration please watch the video below!!



The Why

So I want you guys to take a second…just a short pause…and look at your partner sitting next to you.  If they aren’t there with you (and you're visiting this site at work..tsk tsk), picture their face.  Here is this person, this one person, out of 7 billion people on the planet.  This is the person, that makes your heart jump.  This is the person, who you’ll clean the dishes for despite being tired and wanting nothing more than to catch up on the latest Game of Thrones.  This is the person, who you’ll do anything for…absolutely anything.  They’ll drive you nuts some days, and others…they are the only one who can make you sane.  

How crazy is it that you guys met!!!  What’s crazier…think about the generations to come because of you two.  I think that’s phenomenal.  The world is literally changed forever because you two met. 

So for me, I document weddings for your grandkids.  For your grandkids’ grandkids. So years from now when they look at your photos, they say…

"That was a great day...
And I'm here because of it!"

The beauty of photography is it gives us a window into the past, an instance in time we'll never get back.  So whether you're getting married in a grand church or a quaint little elopement in the back yard, what matters most are those little moments in-between.  And it's an incredible honor to be there and to be a part of it.

So, that's what I focus on.  Less about lists, less about schedules, and most definitely less about stress.  But more on connections, more on excitement, and most definitely more on love.  When we focus on these things, the world just seems to fall away and that's when the magic happens. The pictures, well, hopefully that's what they reflect!!

So come and let's experience something together.  I truly can not wait to meet you!




My goal and my approach to documenting your wedding day is to just let your true selves shine.  I know, I know it sounds cliche, but man does it work!  When you’re able to be yourselves, you just radiate.  And boy, it sure shows in your images!  So I do this by bringing a level of chillness and comfortableness to the day.  Chillness does not equal dull and boring.  But rather at ease.  We forget about the stress of the day.  We forget about the months of planning.  We forget about that family member that drives us batty.  Instead we focus on the fact we’re making a commitment to the love of your life.  We focus on the amazingness that there’s someone on this planet that could love us despite all our faults…and trust me, we all got them.  We focus on your loved ones, both friends and family, all from different times in your life, all being together for one day. 

Your wedding is truly a special day.  It’s your day.  It’s not about the cake…though I do like me some cake.  It’s not about the flowers…though they do smell quite lovely.  It’s about you and your soon to be.  So let’s enjoy your day, make some wonderful images, and get you married and off to making your mom some grandbabies! ;)


Your soon to be BPFF (Best Photographer Friend Forever)

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The Who

Danny Klimetz | Paul Gandy

We are a team specializing in the art of storytelling with a sense of ease and quirkiness.   We are available as a team or separately!  Your world is truly your oyster.
Based out of New Orleans and Oxford areas, but available world wide, passport in hand.


#DannyK  | Little Camera, Big HAnds | adventure seeker | lover of sleep

#Picsbypaul  | Beard grower | weekend warrior | outdoor seeker



Our Services



WEdding coverage

We are a destination wedding photography and videography team who specializes in documenting the stories of couples in love.  Currently splitting our time between the New Orleans and a little town called Oxford, Mississippi.  We frequently travel the US and abroad for destination weddings and would love to tell your story...wherever that may be.

capturing the essence of you... with a smidgen of wit!

** Collections start at $3900 **
*** Travel throughout the US included. ***


Elopements are special small ceremonies with guests less than 30 people.  These typically require less than 6 hours of coverage.

* Coverage starts at $1500*


That's right, our team can provide you with Video coverage on your wedding day as well.  We approach video in the same style we approach still photography.  We focus on the moments and personalities, delivering a truly unique keepsake because...there is no one youer than you!

Family Sessions

We offer a few different options when it comes to families.  The typical 1-2 hour session is great for those looking for a little mix of lifestyle and family portraits.

We also offer a more extensive day-in-the-life option.  It is just like it sounds!  We spend the whole day together.  This gives us more chance to let the families personalities shine.  A couple of hours in, the kids can't help but ignore me and be themselves!


More to come!!!

your presence, your team, your pictures (which are considered artwork in my opinion), and video are the reason why I am just SO incredibly elated and satisfied!
— Rama


lets chat


Soooo...Shall we dance?  
I sure hope so!  I can not wait to meet you guys.  Drop me a line.  Send me your deats.  And I'll have my people call your people and we'll do lunch.
Ciao Ciao.



New orleans LOUISIANA | Oxford Mississippi | Available Worldwide