Taco Night for Southern Food Alliance // Mississippi Filmmaker

Last week, we quickly got some friends together for what we ended up calling "Taco Night" as part of an application to do some video work for the Southern Food Alliance.  The concept was to focus on how as people we always tend to celebrate with and around food!  We wanted to focus on the work going in to the dinner but also on the people and laughter that happens as a result of eating together.   This was intended to be part of a much larger film looking at different types of dinner-get-togethers but all centralized around the food.  Well, we didn't make the cut...wasn't exactly what they were looking for, but regardless, we had a blast shooting it and a definite blast eating it!!  We will have to come up with something totally different for next years call for films. Enjoy the flick - Danny K

Taco Night from Danny Klimetz on Vimeo.

Taco Night is a film about friends coming together around food! Part of a project application for the Southern Food Alliance.

Danny Klimetz of Danny K Photography is a Mississippi Wedding Photographer and film maker located in the great city of Oxford, MS home to Ole Miss....Hotty Toddy Y'all!  Make sure and check out his other film project, Oxford Sessions.  Until next time, Work hard but Play harder!