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As I was getting ready this post, I realized there was quite a lot to excuse the ramblings! First off...OMG! The Lumineers killed it at Hal and Mal's Tuesday night. I had very very high expectations for these guys, and they blew me out of the water. So much so, I almost had Lauren convinced to call up the babysitter because we're going to the next show! If I could quit my day job and become a groupie...and my family didn't mind living like gypsies...I would! Seriously if you haven't heard their stuff, check them out live here at Chase Jarvis Live. And if they are coming anywhere close to you...GO! Tour schedule here.

Secondly, this was the first time to give my new little baby the Fujifilm X100 a good test. I was stoked to get this little tiny beast of a camera. I wanted something powerful enough to handle anything I could throw at it, but be small enough it doesn't get left in the hotel room because I'm tired of carrying a 10lb weight! I really wasn't sure what to expect. The venue was super dark. I was shooting at ISOs of 6400. I had the shutter clicked down to 1/60. Well again, I was more then impressed! Don't believe me, see for yourself and let me know what you think!

So, yeah...going to say some thanks! Thanks for Jackson photog group for having a meeting on the same night as The Lumineers! Gave me an excuse to drive the 2 hours+ just to see a band! Thanks to Hal and Mal's for being one of the only bars downtown, so that I just happend to see a poster for The Lumineers the weekend before. Thanks to Courtney for letting me photograph her wedding which brought me to Jackson, which in turn led me to Hal and Mal's where I saw the poster for The Lumineers! And really thanks to Kristen and Deborah from Signature Occasions for recommending me to Courtney to shoot her wedding which brought me to Jackson where I saw a poster advertising The Lumineers. Um...Thanks to Brian Flint of Films by Flint for driving and coming with, because I probably would have backed out. Last but not least, thanks to Chase Jarvis for being just awesome and featuring these guys in his studio, so that this wanna be groupie could discover a pretty fabulous band! Oh and thanks to Zack Aris for convincing me to get the FujiFilm truly is a gnarly little camera.

Rock and Roll - Danny

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