Mission work at Rafiki Village // Winneba, Ghana

Rafiki Village
Winneba, Ghana

Rafiki means friends...we have a lot of friends here...so, come and be our friend!

                                                                                            - Shaddy, a Rafiki kid

This January, Danny K Photography in conjunction with my other company, Carbon Brothers Studio got to go spend an amazing 10 days at the Rifiki Village outside Winneba, Ghana.  We went there to help RafikiFriends create some fantastic promotional material so they can continue to tell the story of this little orphanage in Ghana, and as a means to support the efforts there to raise these amazing kids to become future leaders and citizens of their country.  To me, that the best thing about this place...They aren't preparing the children for adoption out of the country or for them to leave when they are older, but they want to them stay and be role models for ours in their home country, and to give back and make it a better place.

So many photos!  So please take the time and enjoy the little slideshow of Rafiki, then enjoy some pictures from around Ghana and of the crew, and then....

Come check out RafikiFriends and if able, please come sponsor a child.