BOOM! Danny K is finally here!

Boy was this a long time coming! I've longed for years to create and refine the identity of my photography business. Those many years ago when I was just a young lad with a dream of starting a photography business, I knew I couldn't (or shouldn't) use my name as the business name...I mean honestly how many of you could spell KLIMETZ! So Lauren came up with the fabulous name of Captured. So I've been working under the moniker of Captured Photography for quite some time. Though it was a little hard to let Captured go, it was time! There was always a disconnect between me as the photographer and the business name being something, well, quite generic. I knew it was time to rein everything in and rebuild my identity from the ground up. So I contacted the fabulous ladies of Making Brands Happen to take my brand to the next level. After a long series of back and forths and getting down to the nitty gritty of it, I present to you the one and only...

Danny K Photography Logo

That's right, Danny K Photography. No not Danny Kaye of White Christmas...though I think I'm quite funny, I couldn't sing to save a life!

Lara and Emily and their team were amazing at designing an identity that truly reflects me and my love for photography! There were no mulligans, no back to the drawing boards. They hit it out of the park in the first round. AMAZING!

Danny K Photography's Brand Board

Danny K's Collateral

And this website!!! This website is the brainchild of Ross Tanner and his team over at Flosites! This badboy is a custom tailored site with all the fixings! Give it a tour, let me know what you think! Out with the old and in with the new...

Captured Photography's old site

Danny K Photography's New Site

To my family and all the friends I've had the pleasure to get know or will get to know because of my photography, this is for you!

Danny K signature