Lisa and Andrew | Austin, TX | Destination Wedding Photographer

So one of my best friends from college got hitched this past weekend to a fantastic guy out in Wimberley, TX.  We had a huge amount of fun hanging out with all our old friends out on this 600 acre ranch that the University owned.  We camped out and enjoyed the marvelous bed-rocked stream with its crazy eroded pockets.  The wedding itself was absolutely gorgeous, and I really enjoyed being a guest and having the day off to celebrate with everyone.

The wedding photos where taken by this awesome photographer out of Dallas, TX that I found for Lisa.  Check out his blog for the "official" pictures from the wedding.
*ps - All these photos were taken sans flash which is totally fun to play with, but also explains some of the "fuzziness" of certain pictures towards the end of the evening

Danny Klimetz
Captured Photography
Lisa and Andrew
Wimberley, TX
University Camp, Texas State University