Setu + Zach // Mehndi Night // Jackson, MS // Indian & Mississippi Wedding Photographer

You guys, I've been so excited about this wedding since Setu called me back in March (while I was in Vegas at WPPI!) Just the idea of being a part of something I have never had the chance to experience before was fabulous...but then I actually got to meet Setu and Zach. These are two extremely genuine and loving people, and their all know how I love all your families! So Indian weddings are typically spread over several days, with many different ceremonies and rituals, as well as a huge emphasis on family, friends, music, dancing, and love. So considering Setu and Zach's wedding celebration was spread over 3 days, I'm just going to have to split their blog post in to blog POSTS! First up is Setu's Mehndi night. It's the night that Setu had her henna put on to her hands, arms, and feet. A henna is basically a brown/reddish looking dye that stains the skin for a temporary period of time. Most of Setu's family and friends first arrive...and of course there's dancing and singing!!!

Enough from me, enjoy the pics! - Danny K

Location // Setu's Family Home Second Shooters // Sully Clemmer & Tate Nations

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