Virginia + Skip // A Grimsey Iceland Destination Wedding


Virginia + Skip
Grimsey, Iceland
Destination Elopement

A sand grain on the beach is infinitely small.

Your love is infinitely large.

I am a sand grain on the beach, your love is the sea.

― Matthias Johannessen HYMNS IN THE ATOMIC AGE

This was an amazing experience, so I'm going to have to break away from the normal format for just a bit and give you guys the run down of Virginia and Skip's Elopement on the Isle of Grimsey which is north of Iceland and actually in the Arctic Circle.  When these two crazies decided to get married on the Summer Solstice, they new Iceland had to be the location.  So we flew to this itty bitty island (5 miles x 3 miles) with a priest in hand.  After a quick wardrobe change at one of the island residences' home, it was a short walk to the chapel, which I estimate can hold 20 people tops.  The church is quite old...I'm pretty certain it's dated back to the 1500s, but I digress. After a short yet sweet ceremony, we had to quickly run the priest back to the plane to get off the island as they only fly in and out once a day (if the weather's nice!)  After some portraits and a quick bite to eat, I jumped on some random boat (yep, apparently I was a stowaway!) for a little tour around the island!  We had Puffin and Whale for dinner (quite interesting!)  We were serenade but the family staying at the guest house with us, and then at Midnight, Skip and I took a nice Solstice hike where we found tons of Puffins and the infamous Icelandic Horses.

I was in Iceland for about 4 days and the sun never set, it is probably one of the most surreal feelings ever!

Special thanks to Nonni Travel and all their help organizing my trip, and a major shout out to the people of Grimsey and the folks visiting from the Westman Islands.  They were such fantastic hosts and some of the nicest people around.

For a short video of our little trip to the Arctic, click here.

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